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Bees – A remedy for business success

My name is Viorica Anghel from Andrușul de Jos village. I use honey in many natural health remedies, and was always buying it, so I thought I might as well produce it myself!

With the help of the International Labour Organization I benefited from a beekeeping project where I received instruction and lessons from an older more experienced mentor.

The training was so interesting and useful, that in those several weeks of the course I didn't miss a lesson. I had the feeling that I had read a library full of books on beekeeping.

My instructor Sergiu Paslaru is very helpful - no matter the time of day, he is always willing to answer any questions.

I decided to participate in the project because of my disability, but also because of my child, who has health problems.

In the beginning we were upset when the bees stung us.  But gradually we learned more about them and now we have become attached to them and them to us.

Viorica AnghelBeekeeper

I use honey and bee-derived products to make many natural remedies for colds, bone pain and so on.

Viorica’s son Gabriel stands outside his home with a beekeeper’s hat on.

I treat my son, Gabriel, with honey vinegar when he gets sick.

These projects are most welcome. It provides a means to support yourself - and I don’t mean just for me, now, but for any young person. This would be an opportunity for them not to have to go abroad for work, but to develop a small business in their own country.

Viorica stands with the help of a crutch next to her beehives.

With the grant I received, I was able to set up a small family business.

The most valuable thing that I acquired participating in the Local Employment Partnership project, besides knowledge and financial aid, was the confidence that all those involved in this project offered to me and now I am determined to transmit this feeling to other people.

At the moment, I feel like I have wings! I gained a lot of self-esteem and dignity.

Viorica AnghelBeekeeper

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