First-person perspectives on the world of work
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The Future of Work Podcast

Writing the rules of the game – how international labour standards are created

Tim De Meyer, Sophy Fisher


Episode 40

7 June 2023

Writing the rules of the game – how international labour standards are created

Tim De Meyer, Senior Adviser on Standards Policy in the ILO's International Labour Standards Department

Episode 39

24 May 2023

When race holds you back in the workplace

Christiane Kuptsch, Senior Specialist in Migration Policy, ILO

Marlihan Lopez, Coordinator of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Episode 38

11 May 2023

Is an algorithm your next hiring manager?

Mona Sloane, Mona Sloane, Ph.D. is is a sociologist working on design and inequality, specifically in the context of AI design and policy.

Episode 37

28 April 2023

Artificial Intelligence and the world of work – should we be scared?

Antonio Casilli, Professor of sociology at the Polytechnic Institute in Paris, DiPLab co-director, INDL co-founder

Stacie Haller, Chief Career Advisor at ResumeBuilder.com.

Episode 36

24 April 2023

After Rana Plaza: How has safety improved for garment workers?

Tuomo Poutiainen, Tuomo Poutiainen is the Director of the ILO's Country Office for Bangladesh. 

Episode 35

17 March 2023

Why are key workers undervalued?

Janine Berg, Senior economist, ILO Research department

Iván Williams Jiménez, Policy development manager at the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

Episode 34

8 March 2023

Can digital technology be an equality machine?

Dr. Orly Lobel, Warren Distinguished Professor of Law and Director, Center for Employment and Labor Policy, University of San Diego

Episode 33

27 February 2023

Tackling the productivity challenge

José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Executive Secretary of ECLAC

Daniel Samaan, Senior Macro-economist at the International Labour Organization

Episode 32

20 February 2023

ILO Director-General – Why we need greater social justice

Gilbert F Houngbo, ILO Director-General

Episode 31

17 January 2023

How can we protect the quality of jobs?

Stefan Kühn, Senior Economist in the ILO’s Research Department

Episode 30

12 January 2023

Working time and work-life balance

Jon Messenger, Senior Working Time Specialist, ILO

Episode 29

16 December 2022

Labour migration and diverse gender identities

Emily Dwyer, Co-Director of Edge Effect

Episode 28

22 November 2022

COP27 – What progress for the world of work?

Moustapha Kamal Gueye, Coordinator for the ILO Green Jobs Programme

Episode 27

18 November 2022

What’s the story on labour rights in Qatar?

Max Tuñón, Head of the ILO Project Office in Doha

Episode 26

1 November 2022

Living to dance and dancing to live

William Bracewell, Principle Dancer, The Royal Ballet

Jennifer Curry, Executive Director, Dancers' Career Development

Episode 25

10 October 2022

Mental health and the workplace

Susanna Harkonen, Workplace mental health specialist and founder of Inner Work

Nina Hedegaard Nielsen, Chief policy advisor on occupational health and safety at The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations

Episode 24

20 September 2022

Modern slavery is unseen because it's convenient

Sophie Otiende, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery and founder of the Kenyan Azadi Initiative

Grace Forrest, Founding Director of Walk Free

Episode 23

22 August 2022

Wagner Moura: How to advocate for social change and end slavery

Wagner Moura, ILO’s unique Goodwill Ambassador on Forced Labour

Episode 22

15 August 2022

Can Ethiopia rebuild its COVID-19 damaged tourism sector?

Tewodros Derbew, Tourism Specialist at Ministry of Culture And Tourism, Addis Ababa

Episode 21

19 July 2022

Is there a place for grief at work?

Lizzie Pickering, Grief Investigator, Podcast and Film Producer

Episode 20

31 May 2022

What can the social and solidarity economy do for recovery?

Nadine Moawad, Co-founder of the Dikkeneh consumer cooperative, Beirut, Lebanon

Episode 19

13 May 2022

The Serious Business of Happiness at Work

Vanessa King, Head of Psychology & Workplaces and a Board Member of the not-for profit body, Action for Happiness

Episode 18

8 April 2022

Can you really afford not to invest in diversity and inclusion?

Dr. Gillian Shapiro, Founder and Managing Director, Shapiro Consulting

Nykeba King, Global Head of Inclusion and Belonging at The Body Shop

Episode 17

8 March 2022

Why investing in care is about equality

Emanuela Pozzan, Senior specialist in gender equality and non-discrimination at the ILO

Episode 16

18 February 2022

How to make the informal formal?

Shahra Razavi, Director of ILO’s Social Protection Department

Susanita “Babes” Tesiorna, National President of the Philippines Alliance of Workers

Episode 15

11 February 2022

The universe still has the capacity to surprise us

Dr. Natasha Hurley-Walker, Astrophysicist, Curtin University node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)

Episode 14

18 January 2022

Digitizing a company also means changing its culture

Dr Sandy Chong, Founder of Verity Consulting and Chair of the ASEAN Business Alliance WA

Episode 13

7 January 2022

Is the menopause a workplace issue?

Dr Louise Newson, Doctor, leading menopause specialist and founder of the Balance menopause app.

Professor Joanna Brewis, Professor of People and Organisations, the Open University Business School

Episode 12

7 December 2021

Why growth in wage inequality is a problem for us all

Patrick Belser, ILO senior economist and wage specialist

Episode 11

13 October 2021

Rural women don’t want charity, they want to feel empowered

Reema Nanavaty, Former General Secretary, Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), India

Elisenda Estruch Puertas, Rural Economy Specialist in ILO’s Sectoral Policies Department

Episode 10

30 September 2021

The future is already here

Chidi King, Branch Chief, Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Episode 9

12 August 2022

Left-handed workers in a right-handed world

Dr Marietta Papadatou-Pastou, Assistant Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Episode 8

12 August 2021

How digital labour platforms can provide decent jobs for young refugees

Drew Gardiner, ILO Youth Employment Specialist

Dr Andreas Hackl, Lecturer in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh

Episode 7

2 July 2021

Making domestic work decent work in South Africa

Florence Sosiba, Domestic worker and President of The South Africa Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union (SADSAWU)

Episode 6

23 June 2021

Neuro-diversity and the workplace – positive or negative?

Neil Barnett, Director of Inclusive Hiring and Accessibility, Microsoft

Dr Nancy Doyle, CEO, Genius Within, Co-Director of the Centre for Neurodiversity at Work, Birkbeck College, University of London

Episode 5

29 April 2021

Why we need to invest now in resilient occupational safety and health systems

Manal Azzi, Senior Occupational Safety and Health Specialist, ILO

Episode 4

23 April 2021

Zimbabwe’s green economy trailblazers

Elizabeth Nyamuda, Founder and Managing Director, Tamba Washables

Luke Makarichi, Founder and Managing Director, GreenTec Energy

Episode 3

30 March 2021

The role of digital labour platforms in transforming the world of work

Uma Rani, Senior Economist in the ILO Research Department

Sergio Santos, Independent software engineer

Mercy Osongo, Independent translator & fundraiser

Laura Cardona, Biologist

Episode 2

19 February 2021

Can technology create a more equitable future of work?

Allen Blue, LinkedIn Co-Founder and Vice President

Episode 1

5 January 2021

Telework: Wild ride or win-win?

Jon Messenger, Senior Working Time Specialist, ILO