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Photo: Sofia Trevino/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Future of Work Podcast

Making domestic work decent work in South Africa

Florence Sosiba, Belinda Japhet


Episode 7

2 July 2021

Making domestic work decent work in South Africa

Florence Sosiba, Domestic worker and President of The South Africa Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union (SADSAWU)

Episode 6

23 June 2021

Neuro-diversity and the workplace - positive or negative?

Neil Barnett, Director of Inclusive Hiring and Accessibility, Microsoft

Dr Nancy Doyle, CEO, Genius Within, Co-Director of the Centre for Neurodiversity at Work, Birkbeck College, University of London

Episode 5

29 April 2021

Why we need to invest now in resilient occupational safety and health systems

Manal Azzi, Senior Occupational Safety and Health Specialist, ILO

Episode 4

23 April 2021

Zimbabwe’s green economy trailblazers

Elizabeth Nyamuda, Founder and Managing Director, Tamba Washables

Luke Makarichi, Founder and Managing Director, GreenTec Energy

Episode 3

30 March 2021

The role of digital labour platforms in transforming the world of work

Uma Rani, Senior Economist in the ILO Research Department

Sergio Santos, Independent software engineer

Mercy Osongo, Independent translator & fundraiser

Laura Cardona, Biologist

Episode 2

19 February 2021

Can technology create a more equitable future of work?

Allen Blue, LinkedIn Co-Founder and Vice President

Episode 1

5 January 2021

Telework: Wild ride or win-win?

Jon Messenger, Senior Working Time Specialist, ILO